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NameJue-Sam Chou
Office phone number56536
Job titleProfessor
Research expertiseCisco Networking, Calculus, Quantum Cryptography, Modern Cryptography, Secure Protocol, Identity Authentication, IOT
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  1. Calculus
  2. CISCO Network and Certification
  3. Introduction to information security
周志賢https://www.youracclaim.com/user/jue-sam-chouccna security2015-04-08
周志賢https://www.youracclaim.com/user/jue-sam-chouCisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA Routing and Switching)2012-04-13
周志賢美國微軟公司MTA-networking fundamentals2011-10-31
周志賢美國微軟公司MTA security fundamentals安全2011-03-03
周志賢美國思科網路公司Cisco Networking Academy instructor美國思科網路公司網路學院開課教師2012-08-31
周志賢美國思科網路公司ccna-security, ccna網路安全證照2015-04-08
周志賢CompTIA美國計算機行業協會CompTIA Security+ certified資訊安全證照2011-05-20
周志賢Certified Internet Web Professional美國CIW公司CIW professional專業級證照2011-06-29
周志賢Certified Internet Web Professional美國CIW公司security analysis安全分析證照2011-10-21
周志賢CompTIA美國計算機行業協會CompTIA Network Certificated網路證照2012-10-05
周志賢Cloud Security Alliance全球性的非營利組織 雲端安全聯盟CSACertificate of cloud security knowledge 雲端安全2013-03-18
周志賢Cisco Certifications美國思科網路公司Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)2012-04-13
周志賢information security
NameYearProject name計畫編號主持人
周志賢103輛隨意網路通訊之多重策略快速訊息驗證與隱私保護 MOST 103 - 2221 - E - 343 - 004 - 計劃主持人
周志賢102防帳卡號被盜之低成本免憑證電子錢網路付款可行性方案研究NSC 102 - 2221 - E - 343 - 004 - 計畫主持人
周志賢100A Novel k-out-of-n Oblivious Transfer Protocol from Bilinear Pairing  
周志賢100MTA-windows server administration fundamentals  
周志賢100Yalin Chen, Jue-Sam Chou, Cheng-Lun Wu, Chi-Fong Linm  
周志賢099A novel k-out-of-n Oblivious Transfer Protocols Based on Bilinear Pairings  
周志賢099A Novel Non-interactive Deniable Authentication Protocol with Designated Verifier on elliptic curve cryptosystem  
周志賢099A Privacy-Flexible Password Authentication Scheme for Multi-Server Environment  
周志賢099A secure anonymous communication scheme in vehicular ad hoc networks from pairings  
周志賢099Comment on four two-party authentication protocols  
周志賢099Comments on five smart card based password authentication protocols  
周志賢099Cryptanalysis and Improvement of A New Electronic Traveler's Check Scheme Based on One-way Hash Function  
周志賢099Cryptanalysis and Improvement of A New Electronic Traveler's Check Schemen  
周志賢099MTA-networing fundamentals  
周志賢099MTA-security fundamentals  
周志賢098An Efficient Secure Oblivious Transfer  
周志賢098Improvements on two password-based authentication protocols  
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