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QuestionWhat do we learn in Department of Information Management Nanhua University?
Answeryou can see our Course Information.
Question If the number of students enrolled exceeds the upper limit, how can I add more?

 For special reasons, the addition must be approved by our chair.

Additional courses can only be addition with the signature of the teacher and chair.


Are our teachers in our department kind? 

How does they interact with our students?

AnswerEvery teacher is very kind, takes class seriously and interacts well with our students
The tutor also meets with students regularly.
QuestionIf I have a problems in school or in life,what can I do?
AnswerWelcome to find mentors and department office assistants during work hours, and each teacher has office time to discuss with the teachers. We will sincerely find a solution for you.
Question Does the department usually have extra-curricular activities besides teaching courses?
AnswerWe have a department society, small volunteers, and information volunteers.
The Department of Society will welcome new students and send old ones, and will also organize some activities in conjunction with festivals.
Volunteers from the department will also hold an initial meeting to assist with lectures, seminars, and academic seminars.
The Information volunteers regularly visits remote areas to assist primary schools and community teaching.
We welcome everyone to participate in the various teams in the department.
The school also organizes Yaya dance, school celebrations, singing competitions and other activities.
QuestionAre the hardware and software equipment (such as laptops, cameras, books) available for borrowing?
AnswerThe department office provides computers for inquiries, and also provides laptops, cameras, DV and other equipment for students to borrow, but you must fill in the application form and return on time.
Question I want to know the amount of school fees.
Answer Please refer to the website of Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees
Question I am a freshman.Why are all the courses I want to take full?
AnswerIn the first semester of freshman, the department will arrange the courses to be taken first, and only need to fill in the Internet. Because of the different courses each year, there may be extra credits for students to choose electives.
 1. The school's primary course assignments are planned by senior students in order to help senior students successfully complete the credit graduation.
The preliminary election date planning is explained as follows:
a. On the first day of the course, only the fourth-year students (including extended students) of the university are open.
b. On the second day of the primaries, only the third-year students of the university are open.
c. On the 3rd day of the primaries of the course, only the second-year students in the university department are open.
d. On the 4th day of the primaries of the course, only the first-year students in the university department are open.
e. From the 5th day of the primaries to the end of the primaries, all students are open.
f. Ph.D. and Master's students are not divided into grades, and they can choose courses during the primary election.
2. Your situation should be that the most popular course is full due to the maximum number of students who can choose, and the seniors and seniors have already chosen the courses first, which makes you unable to select the course. It is recommended that you pay attention to whether there are any people in the course Cancellation results in a shortfall; or ask you to choose the course again in the next semester.
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