Undergraduate Programs / Undergraduate Programs

 Nanhua University

Department of Information Management

Undergraduate Program


The Department offers a four-year program for the Bachelor Degree in Information Management.

An undergraduate student must complete a minimum of 138 credits.


Required Courses

57 credits

Elective Courses

27 credits

Free Elective Courses (Department of Business Administration or other departments)

10 credits

General Courses

34 credits


138 credits



Required Courses (57 credits)





Introduction to Computer Science3

Data Structures3

Systems Analysis and Design3

Seminar on Information Management(二)(3


Business Data Communications3

Management Information Systems3

Case Study In Information Management 3

Planning for Information Manager's Career1

Proposal Writing2

Seminar on Information Management(一)(3 



Database System Design3



Programming Design3

Introduction to Electronic Commerce3



Introduction to Information Management3








Information Ethics2




Object-oriented Programming Design3





Elective Courses27 credits

Management & Decision

Systems and Service

Managerial Accounting3

Advanced of JAVA Programming3

Marketing Management3

Google Android Phone Programming3

Managerial Mathematics3

Web Page Programming3

Production and Operations Management3

Network Management3

Statistical Methods for Data Analysis3

Database System Management and Certification3

Introduction to Organizational Behavior3

Introduction to Algorithms3

Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning3

Operating Systems3

Financial Management3

Design & Implementation with Multimedia Systems3

Models of Decision Making3

XML Design Practice3

Artificial Intelligence3

CISCO Network and Certification3

Customer Relationship Management3

Information Security Fundamentals3

Data Mining Introduction3

Software Engineering3

Enterprise Resource Planning Practices3

Internet Programming Design3

Introduction to Business Marketing3

Web Services and Applications3

Human Resources Management3

Service Quality3

Enterprise Information System3

Information System Service Management3

Decision Support Systems3

Project Management3

Introduction of Supply Chain Management3


Knowledge Management3


Internet Marketing3


Applying Business Intelligence3


Technology Management3


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